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    Gina Keeping

    Business & Mindset Mentor

    Host of the Keeping it Real Podcast

    Who am I?

    Tony Robbins' Certified Strategic Interventionist trained to guide transformations in Life and Business

    Go from stuck & not confident, to empowered CEO

    As a Business & Mindset Mentor, former classroom teacher of 15 years AND growing multiple businesses, I want to help YOU find your confidence, create a mindset that is unstoppable, make an impact and feel good about the life and business you are creating.

    What will you learn?

    • 10 most sabotaging beliefs entrepreneurs have
    • The #1 belief that is probably holding you back the most
    • Why we experience imposter syndrome and a little bit of sciency stuff to back it up
    • My top 3 tips on how overcome the imposter syndrome
    • 3 easy actions you MUST take right now to take action and bust through these beliefs.
    • A workbook with the major takeaways and some homework to solidify what you learn